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Thursday, June 28, 2007

On Morality

I thought it fitting that the inaugural post on the Amoralist Party of Canada discusses morality. As the founding member of the Amoralist Party of Canada I should point out that I do not think morals should be ignored, I believe everyone should follow a set of morals and should adhere to them as they see fit. I do however believe that politics should be strictly amoral. The government should not run on a set of morals no matter how broad sweeping they may seem at the time, morality has no place in the government.

Lets start out by defining morality, immorality, and amorality so the differences can be examined. Morality is a personal code of conduct, allowing a person to distinguish between right and wrong. Immorality is not following a code of conduct and specifically acting against that code. Amorality is the state of being neither moral nor immoral; it is the median between the two. So how does this pertain to politics, well quite frankly morality does no pertain to politics or law in any way, and that is precisely the point.

Too often in our society morality is brought into question when discussing political matters, look at the relatively recent legalization of same sex marriage, both sides claimed that they had the moral high ground. If morality was left out of the issue entirely there would have been nothing to debate, same sex marriage should be allowed as long as the government chooses to be in business of licensing marriages. Morality should never be the gage at which is used to determine an issue, because morality is illogical and emotionally driven. Every law should be able to stand up on a logical grounds.

To that end the Amoralist Party of Canada is born. While it is a fictional party and there are no candidates in any riding, I urge you to join the Amoralist Party of Canada non the less. Join the Amoralists for a more logical future; join the Amoralists for an end to laws that beat us down based on outdated doctrine; join the Amoralists because you know I am right, law should be based on logic not morality.


somekool said...

Interesting blog you've got there. I think we share many political views. Marijuana, same sex marriage, prostitution, etc. It's interesting to see it brought to his common denominator. Amorality.

I personally thought of an Union party. something like UPC. I don't like the idea of representative democracy where we elect a party and let it free for 4 years. The Union party would be there to collect all ideas for every party and every citizen and make everybody work together toward the same goal. A better Canada.

(by the way, you have not setup feedburner on this blog yet....)

420 Guy said...

So how exactly would said Union Party work? It sounds interesting and I'd love to hear more.

Oh,and I will set up feedburner this week, I've been meaning to do that.

Mathieu said...

like a regular party, except that we would be taking ideas from the other parties without getting childishly jealous about it. Ministers would collect idea from all parties and discuss them. So that instead of fighting for the power, we would just share the power. Also, all the information would be available on the internet for people to review or comment on it. it really could become Direct Democracy.

420 Guy said...

Interesting concept, but could a direct democracy really work? The logistics would be pretty difficult to work out.

Would you consider voting Liberal just to get an extra holiday?

Are you a membe of a political party?