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Friday, August 3, 2007


Gambling is a hot topic in the US, if not here in Canada, with the US getting tougher on online gambling. Here in Ontario charity casinos are going up in every town with more then 12 people it seems. Is this a good thing for Canada’s citizens? It depends on who you talk to, some say yes it is bringing tourists, others say no it encourages gambling addiction.

Does having casinos encourage gambling addicts, of course it does, just as having bars encourages alcoholics. Does this mean that we should ban casinos? No, no more then we should ban bars. Now I know that gambling addicts sometimes hurt their family due to the addiction, but it is no different then any other addiction. Gambling addiction is a serious thing, and should be dealt with, but why stop non-addicts from enjoying some time at a casino just because of a few bad apples.

Casinos can be beneficial. There can be no argument that they turn a profit, that they put money into the economy, and that the charity ones raise money for charities. As for gambling addicts, well obviously something must be done, the best way is to educate and rehabilitate. One possible means of minimize gambling addiction is to ensure that there are no bank machines in Casinos and ensure that gamblers do not spend more then what they intended to upon entering a Casino.

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