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Friday, November 30, 2007

Revisiting Prostitution

I have posted that I am pro legalizing marijuana, gambling, and prostitution, of these the view I get the most complaints about is prostitution. Usually from women who take offense to my statement that "every feminist should be for legal prostitution". The response is almost invariably that prostitution is degrading to women.

I would like to pose a question to everyone out there, what exactly is degrading about prostitution? Lots of people have sex for money and aren't called prostitutes they are called Porn Actresses. Ok I know some people believe that porn is also degrading to women, fine that is your prerogative, at least you are being consistent. Is it degrading to woman for someone to have sex with someone they just met? What if that person bought them a drink at the bar first, is that not a form of payment in exchange for sex? What about the wife who "rewards" a husband for housework completed with a BJ, is she not prostituting herself?

Sure I know I am taking it to extremes, but the fact of the matter is prostitution in itself is a true victimless crime. If there is not real victim then how can there be a crime?

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The Christian Heretic said...

Working the vast majority of minimum wage jobs out there is a thousand times more degrading than prostitution ever could be.

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