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Monday, September 17, 2007

Who to Vote For in the Upcoming Election Part II: The Liberals

The Liberals, often referred to as the Lie-berals by those who don’t like them, is headed by Dalton McGuinty, and they are the party currently in power. McGuinty is running on a campaign of his record primarily, which is an interesting strategy considering the PC party is also running a campaign primarily on McGuinty’s record. In true Liberal fashion Dalton gave his platform document a flashy title, “Moving Forward Together”. This platform is broken down into five sections, the key issues according to Dalton:

  1. A Smarter Ontario – Dalton’s Education Platform
  2. A Stronger Ontario – Dalton’s Economic Platform
  3. A Healthier Ontario – Dalton’s Health Care Platform
  4. A Greener Ontario – Dalton’s environmental Platform
  5. A Better Ontario for Families – Dalton’s platform on “Improving Quality of Live”

Basically Dalton is urging a continuation of his rule. Cut back on Private School tax credits, cut back funding of Separate School boards such as Catholic Schools, on the flip side supposed increase in public school funding.

As far as Amoralist issues, federally the Liberals are all for decriminalizing marijuana, though this is more of a cash grab for them then a freedoms issue, provincially there is no indication of what McGuinty’s stance is, although in 1999 he did state that decriminalization is the way to go.

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