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Monday, September 24, 2007

Who to Vote For in the Upcoming Election Part IV: The NDP

The NDP, or the Dippers, are lead by a soggy noodle who goes by the moniker Howard Hampton. Don’t get me wrong, I intend to vote NDP, however I think Howard Hampton is the most boring political personality in Canadian History. I mean this is Canada where politicians have a long and wacky history. There’s Sir John A MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, well known drunk and wheeler and dealer extraordinare forced to resign in shame over questionable dealings between the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Conservatives. Then there is William Lyon MacKenzie King, holds the record for longest term (non-consecutive), and he received policy advice from his dead mother and dog, Then there is Joe Clake, the Conservative of the people, 20 years after his defeat he was still trying to regain the Prime Ministership. What about Kim Campbell, she was Prime Minister for about ten seconds, and she lead the conservatives to the worst defeat in Canadian political history destroying the PC Party and putting them in the same rankings as the Green Party. Of course there is my all time favorite Prime Minister, not for his leadership style, not for his policies, but just because he is so darned zany, Jean Chretien, what can be said about Chretien, the man had more charisma then brains. And that leaves out the greats like Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, The Dief, and more, not great because of their intelligence or politics, but great because they had what it takes to be PM in Canada, balls the size of coconuts and charisma up the yin-yang. Sure Hampton isn’t going for the Prime Minster position, just the Premier of Ontario, but even for that role there are some notable freaks, look at the last four. Dalton McGuinty broke more promises then he made, a difficult task even for politicians. Ernie Eves is runner up for the creepiest man in Canada (Stockwell Day took that title long ago). Mike “The Hatchet” Harris made more cuts to public services then any politician ever, and yet still managed to avoid becoming the most hated politician alive. Bob Rae is the current most hated man in Ontario. What is Hampton? He should take a look at the “great” leaders of Canadian History and learn to show a little charisma, punch a protester, drink a little too much at the NDP Christmas party, just do something to create some minor scandal that will show Ontario that you have a pulse. Ok now that I have ranted on and on, making personal attacks towards a man I have never met, lets take a look at his platform.

I used to think the NDP was a party of dreamers. They’d shoot for the moon using a slingshot. The NDP has a proud history, the likes of Tommy Douglas, the founder of public health care system, rose from the ranks of the NDP. However in recent years there were too many Dippers like Bob Rae, the get it done and ignore the cost types. However, they learn from their mistakes and while they are still the party for the common man, they are also the party of common sense. A very nicely done PDF document outlines their fiscal plan demonstrating that they can keep the budget balanced AND increase spending. Of course some taxes will have to be raised, but only for the rich, so I know I have nothing to worry about.

The over all NDP platform is based around six easy to understand, self explanatory commitments:

  1. Health Tax Rebate
  2. $10 Minimum Wage/Roll back MP pay raises
  3. Protect the children and environment
  4. Making sure kids get the education they deserve
  5. Removing barriers to post-secondary education
  6. Reducing wait times and improving health care

Of course Hampton is not likely to be the next premier of Ontario, however he will have a powerbase in that the next government will most likely be a minority, they will have to rely on the NDP to prop them up. That means Hampton will hold some pretty kick ass cards come any confidence votes, any party in power will have to play ball with Hampton in order to remain in power. The more Dippers in an MPP chair, the more power Hampton will wield.

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