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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Argument For Polygamy/Polyandry/Polyamory

I have posted on this blog about my beliefs that same sex marriage should remain legal, primarily because the government should stay out of the bedrooms of its citizens. Now, with polygamy so much in the news due to the Texas case of the splinter Mormon group that practiced polygamy and was raided, I thought I would go on record as to my reasons for supporting polygamy as well.

Now I should clarify, I do not support what the Texas group was doing should the claims prove true. In fact it is not Polygamy specifically I support but rather Polyamory. Lets start with a definition of the terms associated with polygamy:

Polygamy: the desire, practice, or acceptance of a man having more than one loving female partner

Polyandry: the desire, practice, or acceptance of a woman having more than one loving male partner

Polyamory: the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving partner

Thus I am in favor of allowing a person (male or female) to have more then one spouse (male or female) so long as all parties are consenting adults. As with my support of Same Sex Marriage, no church should be forced to recognize such a union, but should a church choose to recognize such a union then the government should not have the right to step in and say the union is invalid.

In short I feel that the government has no right to determine who should be deemed a married person and who should not. The government should completely get rid of the state sanctioned marriage business and allow the churches and other organizations to manage it. There is no logical reasons for a state run marriage business, and that is all it is a state run business.

In the case of the Texas group we are not just talking polygamy as the issue, but statutory rape. Not all the women involved were consenting adults, and in those cases the government should certainly step in and rescue the women involved. If, upon reaching the age of consent, the women choose to return then that is their business, not the governments.

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