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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cluster Bomb Cluster F*ck

Ok, I am all for banning cluster bombs, they are nasty and pose long term danger, but come on people, this cluster bomb treaty is a joke. 111 countries signed the treaty, the most notable countries missing from the list; USA, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, and Israel. In other words the countries that make and use cluster bombs are opposed to the treaty, and those who are cluster bomb targets are supporting and signing it.

Any bets that Iraq and Afghanistan were first in line to sign this one. Why don't the countries that support this treaty just post signs at the border that say "No Cluster Bombs Please" just like those signs we like to put on our mailboxes that say "No Flyers Please", I am sure it will be just as binding.

What is the point of a treaty that cannot be enforced due to the fact that the people who have the weapons that are being banned refuse to sign it? It's like saying "don't hit my face, I am too pretty" before entering a bar brawl.

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