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Monday, October 1, 2007

Tory Flip-Flops on Religious Education

According to The London Free Press John Tory is expected to announce today that if he forms government he will have a free vote in the legislature to determine the fate of his faith-based education initiative. Technically this is not a flip-flop since he is still supporting it, and it could be argued that he is just encouraging proper democratic procedure. Since I am not a fan of the forced vote practice one would think I would applaud Tory on this, but the fact is I see it for the blatant parlor trick that it is.

What Tory is doing is admitting that the public has not been overly fond of his faith based school policy plans, so he is killing it without ever officially changing his stance. He knows that such a controversial topic will never pass a free vote, the NDP and the Liberals will crush it even if his own party votes pretty much along party lines, if even a few break ranks it will be defeated. This is Tory breaking a promise before he is even in government, which tops even McGuinty’s record for promise breaking.

Tory started the whole tempest in a teapot by saying that other faith-based schools should receive the same funding as public schools. The Liberals point out it would cost at least 100 Million more then the PC parties projected 400 Million, and the PC’s have no plan for how to pay for it. Now Tory is washing his hands of it in a manner that ensures his hands are clean. I think its time to show Tory that Canadian voters aren’t that stupid. Tory has practically made two issues his entire campaign:

  • Issue #1: Dalton McGuinty’s hanging from the telephone wire with pants on fire
  • Issue #2: All faith-based schools should receive government funding

How can a man who is breaking a campaign promise before the election even takes place be trusted?

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