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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Howie's Turn 11:20

Howard Hampton's turn to speak. The A-Channel was wondering if Howie would step down as leader after this. Personally I hope he does. He may be smart, but he's as fun to watch speak as watching grass grow.

He looks quite teary eyed, did he expect to become premier? Although perhaps he's been into the sauce already, who knows? Well I shouldn't be so mean, Hampton's father did recently die and this is his first campaign without him, so perhaps that is what was causing the teary eyes.

Well he opened his speech not really thanking people who were there, but pointing out that they were there, I guess the thanks were implied, but it seemed odd.

Good on him for saying he'd continue to work towards first nations issues, and minimum wage increases, though I would expect nothing less from the NDP.

Wow I didn't realize he'd been an MPP since '87, that's quite a run.

One comment he made that made me laugh is "Governments have a lot of tools," of course I was thinking of tools like McGuinty and Tory, but I know that wasn't quite what he meant.

Wow talk about the bums rush the A-Channel actually cut him off when he began thanking some other NDP candidates. It could have been because he was just repeating his speech, but it didn't seem like he was done to me.

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