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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

John Tory's Speech 11:00

Tail between the legs time for Tory. His smile looks quite forced, but one could hardly blame him, though when he talked about his first grandchild he actually seems genuinely proud.

Although I dislike his party and I think he is a tool Tory does seem to have the most amount of charisma out of any other politician in Ontario politics, though that really doesn't say anything.

He pauses briefly to slam into McGuinty a bit, but again that's not surprising. He is after all still technically the leader of the PC party, without a seat, but really that's not a big deal.

John Tory is remaining as the PC party leader. This isn't really a surprise, though if I were him I would step down in shame. He considered his campaign honest and disciplined? Wow he has an odd concept of honesty and discipline.

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